17th of July 2021
Still spring feelings with thes tulips.
Pentecost flowers in Withof Duchesse
6th of May 2021
Continued with these beautiful flower of the spring:the Pentacost flower.
Tulip in Withof Duchesse
11th of March 2021
Following the LOKK flower project and the spring I designed and made this tulip after almost 1.5 years of no own designs.
27 december 2019
These squares in ’s Gravenmoers lace are made for the exhibition of the lace group ’t Aemstelkant in 2019.
27 december 2019
This Rosebranche is made in Hinojosa lace. The inspiraton was mu volunteer work in the rose garden in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.
27 december 2019
The inspration for this elmbranche was the SpringSnowfestival in Amsterdam.
27 december 2019
This 3-D emerals is designed and made for the presentation of the lacegroup ’t Aemstelkant during the exhibition of the LOKK in 2018.
27 december 2019
This little panel is made in ’s Gravenmoerse lace. The inspiration was a phote of a stem with ivy in the Vondelpark.
10 x 10
27 december 2019
You can make a beautiful design in a square of 10 bij 10 cm. An example.
Evening bag
27 december 2019
This black and white evening bag is designed for a workshop of the LOKK in 2015.
Bag for smartphone
27 december 2019
The same design could also be used for a bag for a smartphone.
27 december 2019
This fascinator is designed for the exhibition of the lacegroup ’t Aemstelkant in 2014.
If used as a fascinator it should be fastened to a tiara. Without tiara it can be worn as a corsage.
27 december 2019
This storch is made several years ago for a Lace day in Noord-Holland. He was exhibited in Germany during an exhibition abouth the storch in Dutch art.
27 december 2019
This pelican in guipure was designed and made for my education at the Nederlandse Kant Opleiding.

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