Ever since my education as a lace teacher and even before that I make my own designs. These can be for my lessons, workshops I give, projects of the lacegroup of which I am a member or just for my own to build a collection which can be exhibited or maybe sold.


Little bag in black and white

This little bag in black and white with decoration on the strap has been designed for a workshop of the LOKK this year.
The same design could also be made as a bag for a smartphone.

Tasje voor smartphone



This fascinator has been designed for the exhibition last year for one of my lacegroups.
To wear it as a fascinator it has to be attached to a diadem. Without that it can be used as a corsage.


Tulip in wire

tulp in edelstaal

This pendant has been designed last year for a competion for better Dutch souvenirs. But because of a maximum retailprice of about € 60,00, I did not enter the competion. I could not make it for that price.

Eglantine in wire

Hondsroos in edelstaal

This was a challenge for me after publication of the tulip in wire: Make a rose in wire.

10 x 10

10 x 10

Within a square of 10 x 10 cm it possible to make a design. This is an example.

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